Where We Go

Our mission is not limited to our own home turf. We expand our reach all across the globe, working with groups and organizations to equip communities with the tools they need to grow into successful entrepreneurs. It is our goal, to help all communities across the globe by giving them access to the knowledge and training programs needed to be successful.

Organizations We Work With:

We believe that the Gospel has the power to transform individuals, communities, and societies. Christians in business should therefore be a part of this holistic transformation through business. Business as Mission is about business with a Kingdom of God perspective, purpose and impact. We recognize that there is a need for job creation and for multiplication of businesses all over the world, aiming at the quadruple bottom line: spiritual, economic, social, and environmental transformation.

Below are several organizations we have worked with to accomplish our goal.

Love Church Ministries

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Love Church works with at-risk youth who have “aged out” of Foster Care. As they look for their unique giftedness, they also work to develop and inspire an entrepreneur spirit by using MissionLink’s Entrepreneur Development Program.

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Mission of Hope Haiti

Mission of Hope has worked with MissionLink Founder, David Fikes to develop entrepreneurs for many years. This has resulted in many businesses not only starting, but growing and contributing to their community.

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Hope Business Incubator

Nassau, Bahamas

The vision of Hope Business Incubator is to produce Christian Social Entrepreneurs, adding value to the communities they live in.

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Nshamba, Tanzania

Pastor Edmund is a Certified Trainer who is training and mentoring others in Tanzania. His vision for his community is:

1) To train entrepreneurs in MissionLink curriculum.
2) To see businesses grow.
3) Teach entrepreneurs to keep money at banks.
4) Connect the entrepreneurs of Tanzania to the global entrepreneurs.
5) Teach entrepreneurs to tithe.
6) Build the center for entrepreneurs.

Kathmandu Artist Entrepreneur Development by The Genesis Box

We celebrate and support global micro-entrepreneurs through the collection and distribution of artisan goods.

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The names and locations will remain anonymous for security. They have started a business to become self-funded and will next start a business training school as a way to build relationships and share what their Father has done for them. Their plan is to offer entrepreneur development training in their community which will allow them to meet people they might never meet, and through the training, build relationships where they can share their lives.

Men of the Rock – Monroe County Detention Center

Key West, Florida

This ministry of Glad Tidings Tabernacle in Key West Florida focuses on equipping, encouraging, and empowering men in prison through job skills and entrepreneur development, breaking the cycle of recidivism.

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BATI Haiti

BATI Haiti’s mission is to empower and equip Haitians in establishing a sustainable living.

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Kolkata Christian Fellowship

Kolkata, India

The Chapel in Fort Wayne Indiana supports the ministry of Kolkata Christian Fellowship. In the last few years, a new aspect of that partnership has developed which is to provide Pastors with the tools they need to develop entrepreneurs who can start businesses to support themselves and impact their communities.

Four Pastors, in various locations around the city of Kolkata, are training entrepreneurs.